Daffne Valdés Vargas

Performing artist with a specialization in dramaturgy from Universidad de Valparaíso (Chile), with a diploma in children's and young people's literature from Universidad de Santiago. She has developed her work around the creation and management of artistic and pedagogical projects in theater companies and publishing houses in Valparaíso. She has also carried out multiple workshops and teaching at both schools and universities in the areas of acting and dramaturgy. She currently works at Universidad de Valparaíso as a teacher and assistant editor of the artistic research magazine Panambí.

Sibila Sotomayor Van Rysseghem

Is a performing artist from Valparaíso, with a degree in theatre with a specialisation in dramaturgy from the Universidad de Valparaíso, a master's degree in sociology and anthropology from the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) and a PhD in social sciences from the Universidad de Chile. She has extensive training in flamenco dance, in recent years she has explored sound design linked to performance and has started her dj project: espionaje. She has also published articles, essays and writings in other formats in various magazines and books and is a lecturer at the Theatre School of the Universidad de Valparaíso.

Paula Cometa Stange

Designer with a degree in Design; teacher with a degree in History and Social Sciences from Universidad de Valparaíso and a diploma in Art Theory from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She has developed her artistic work in visual and performing arts projects, being collage, projections and installation her main means of creation. The artistic and thematic development of her works includes a human analysis of the observer of the work, allowing a circular story that transits and dialogues between texts, images and other materials, using collage as the main technique; understood as a synthesis of a message that communicates a possibility not present in this reality, generating a new scenario, which seeks to resolve a political need for concrete manifestation coupled with sarcasm.